Your fleet always ready for sale or rental

If your fleet is exposed to a heavy hail or snow storm, your operational safety is at risk.

Prevent hail damage, build security

FruitSecurity has been protecting cars against hail for years.

Leasing companies, car rental companies or dealer holding companies: your fleet management can be best planned, but if your fleet is exposed to a severe hail or snow, your operational safety will be at risk. The value of your fleet will decrease and there will be often conflict about the policy conditions and compensation, because your customers and associates always expect best service. Representative field shelters of Fruit Security Holland offer a great advantage.

By using the foil covering of Fruit Holland Security, you are protecting your fleet against hail, rain, snow and contamination by bird droppings, for instance. In those cases car polishers will spend less time to make your cars rentable or saleable again. Looking at it this way, we could say that this industry gets the rewards of all the expertise gained in fruit farms!